Albana Rama, CEO, the Rainforest Company

How I fell in love with the rainforest

The Rainforest Company

What do we need, what does our planet need? We say: only the best! We are a commercial enterprise, yet we have the claim to act sustainably at all levels. At The Rainforest Company, we have set ourselves the goal of using natural products to create an offer for a more conscious and healthier life. In a world that is often characterized by fast-paced lifestyles, we make sure that healthy eating is not a luxury. We want to improve the world with our possibilities - from small to large. With every puree that is processed in this country, we provide the people in the Amazon with a fair and secure income. Our wild harvested açaí berries come from direct trade with small farmers, fresh from Brazil. The rainforest is essential for life on earth and the natural balance is seriously threatened by commercial exploitation and destruction. With our innovative products we therefore contribute to a more sustainable use of the rainforest and invest in the environmental projects "Iniciativa Verde" and "Ipam", which plant trees locally.