Bio Guarana Pulver (2 x 50g) - The Rainforest Company
Bio Guarana Pulver (2 x 50g) - The Rainforest Company

Organic Guarana Powder (2 x 50g)

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Our mission is to work exclusively with sustainable raw materials from the Amazon and to contribute to the protection of the Brazilian rainforest. Our packaging is made of compostable material, our footprint is CO2 negative. Everything is organic, vegan and additive free. The rainforest is essential to the climate and under significant threat from commercial exploitation and destruction. With every guarana powder you buy, you donate to our environmental projects that protect the rainforest and its peoples. Do good. Feel good. So good.

Vegan✓ Organic ✓ No artificial additives✓

Guarana is the most potent natural source of caffeine. It is finely ground and dissolves perfectly in foods and beverages such as water, fruit juices, smoothies and yogurts.

One pack of guarana powder contains 50 grams.

Average nutritional values

per 100g

Calorific value

994,4kJ / 273,66 kcal



- thereof saturated fatty acids








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